Do not drink and drive

Driving the vehicle under the alcohol influence is not only danger for other people but also the owner and passenger of the car itself. You must stay away from driving after drinking alcohol as there are several risks of automobile mishaps. Some of them include damages to the property and injuries to the people. Prevention is better than cure. This is the reason why DUI law of many countries impounds serious penalties to the impaired drivers such as suspension of the driving license, confiscation of vehicle, fines or penalties and sentenced in prison. Every year citizens of different countries are getting hurt and dying because of drinking and driving. The traffic police are having the rights to stop any of the vehicles and ask the driver to go for a breath analyze test. People who are law breakers will have to meet the consequences of law.

How to stay under the alcohol limit?

Every county has set a maximum limit for the people to drink and drive. Only people who go beyond the warning range have to meet the law consequences. People are expecting to have a fool proof method of impaired driving under the maximum limit. The level of alcohol present in the body varies from one person to another. The alcohol presence depends on the weight and metabolism of a person. Even the gender, the current level stress and the amount of drinking decides the presence of alcohol content in the blood of a person. Whether you have consumed small or large amounts of alcohol you should keep in mind that a small alcohol presence can affect the ability of a person to drive. So, everyone should follow the driving under the influence or DUI law and avoid driving while they are influence by either alcohol or drug.

How you will be tested for impaired driving?

If a police man likes to investigate a person whether he is over the limit, he will carry out the screening breath test. He will use a device or breathalyzer to detect the presence of alcohol in your blood. If a person fails this test, he will be considered impaired driving, arrested and sentenced in jail. At the police station, he will need to undergo several breath specimens using a complex breathalyzer known as evidential breath testing device. The two readings are used in deciding if a person is above the alcohol limit. Further they will ask the person to give blood or urine samples to detect the alcohol presence in their body. If the samples show that he is over the limit, he will be charged as per DUI law. The consequences vary depending on the damage you have caused while you are impaired driving. Either you may be sentenced in jail or your license is blocked. In some cases, the impaired driver will need to pay fine or penalties for drinking and driving. Everyone should know the effects of law on impaired driving and follow the traffic regulations of their country. You might want to consider getting a DUI Lawyer in the Bay Area by the Name of Cross and Associates. They are one of the best in the bay area.