DUI law Driving under the influence or DUI is an act of operating the motor vehicles with a BAC or blood alcohol level over the legal alcohol limit. If a person is arrested and accused for DUI lawyer act the state will take legal action on a person accordingly. The first offense will results in losing the driving license for about one year. Even the driver who drives under alcohol influence will also sent to attend alcohol abuse program. People who have multiple DUIs will be taken a complete action by the law and this varies depending on the individual state jurisdiction. If anyone is died or killed due to an impaired driving, you will be charged under vehicular manslaughter for your carelessness and irresponsibility. Even though the consequences have become severe still many people have been dying due to vehicle collision. The best solution to this issue does not rest only in the hands of DUI law but also in each person to take the wise choice not to drive after drinking alcohol. Every state has special laws and consequences for impaired driving under 21. Everyone should know the consequences and avoid driving under the alcohol or drug influence. For more about DUI Law Check the links below for more insight: http://duioakland.flavors.me/